What is ProducerPRO?

ProducerPRO WordPress Theme is the ultimate solution for producers who are looking to create their own website.

Do you want to make money selling beats online? Or, perhaps you already are, but would like to make more? Or, maybe you want to make a name for yourself in the hip hop production industry? The key to all of these is to have a place where your visitors can find all your content in one spot. A place where you can build your brand and gain followers. A place that is your own, on the internet. What you need is an astounding website.

With ProducerPRO you will be able to create a stunning, beat selling machine of a website, in no time. Set up your own Beat Store with automatic beat delivery on purchase, promote your products, and integrate your current Music Platforms and Stores such as Myflashstore, Soundcloud, Reverbnation, Soundclick, and Beatstars.

ProducerPRO is fully customizable, offering endless possibilities. Add as much or as little as you desire, and the theme will respond accordingly so that your site looks great no matter the set up. It is also a fully responsive Wordpress Theme, meaning your website visitors will see a version of your website that fits whatever device they are on. Keep your visitors up to date on your work with the built-in Twitter feed widget and the YouTube video embed section. If you want to start blogging, or already have your blog running, ProducerPRO has you covered; its page and blog designs are refined and organized to ensure your readers enjoy.

ProducerPRO is the only WordPress Theme that offers multiple music platform integration and maximum security for protecting your beats. Other website templates allow anyone visiting your website to easily sniff out and download your beats without paying a dime. Protect your music from online thieves with ShieldPRO, available in the pro version of ProducerPRO. Run your website with peace of mind so you can focus on what's important - making music.

Your website should do the selling for you. ProducerPRO is the best choice for producers who need a secure music store and central hub for all their media outlets and platforms. Let ProducerPRO help you set up your website swiftly and easily today.

You've invested time and money into your craft; set up your website without breaking the bank. ProducerPRO pays for itself in 1 Beat Sale.



Paypal Beat Store

Manual Beat Delivery

All Features

Fits all Devices (Responsive)

SEO Optimized

12 Months of Updates & Support

Best Deal



WooCommerce Beat Store

Automatic Beat Delivery

All Features

Fits all Devices (Responsive)

SEO Optimized

Lifetime Updates & Support

ShieldPRO Beat Protection